Posted by: mulrickillion | April 2, 2012

Mitt Romney has the GOP strapped to the roof of his car

Robert Shrum

Republican voters are the Seamus of 2012 — slowing Mitt down by dumping on him, but unable to stop him from reaching his ultimate destination

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Posted on March 15, 2012 —

Republican voters are now the political equivalent of Mitt Romney’s famously abused dog Seamus. Mitt has put voters on the roof of his car, and he’s driving for the nomination whether they like it or not. More accurately, he’s sputtering toward the nomination as the roof-bound electorate periodically poops on his parade.

His message is inevitability; the voters don’t have any effective say left. He’s racked up 53 percent of the delegates with just 38 percent of the popular vote. Rick Santorum has to capture 65 percent of the remaining delegates to reach a majority — an almost impossible task.

It would comfort those of us who’ve conceded Romney’s inevitability if he’d actually win a round of critical close-out contests. . . .

The fact that he was beaten by both the disorganized, distinctly unpresidential Santorum and the Macy’s hot air balloon known as Newt Gingrich is more proof of Romney’s near fatal flaws as a candidate. . . .

The economic argument hasn’t worked well for Romney with Republicans who are the descendants of the Reagan Democrats, those who earn $50,000 a year or less; he’s lost their votes across the primary season. And for the general election, if not before, the inauthentic, aloof Romney, the job-destroyer and "vulture capitalist" (to use Rick Perry’s felicitous phrase), will have to muster an appeal other than his checkered background as a CEO, espeically if the economy continues to create jobs — and more Americans grow more confident in the future and more suspicious of Romney as an avatar and champion of privilege and unfairness. . . .

Mitt Romney has the GOP strapped to the roof of his car – The Week


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