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Murphy’s Law: Deadly Dreaming 04 Lesson One

 Posted by Craig Hill, March 18, 2012 –

It had been a long time since Murphy had worked with a partner, and working back in a police station seemed a little strange. He was usually a loner when it came to this type of work, but he recognised that things had changed.

Even when based at the station, in his early years with The Service, he didn’t spend much time there. He thought if he was getting paid to catch bad guys, he should be outside the station where the bad guys are. Well, where most of the bad guys are, anyway. He looked at his new partner, temporarily promoted to Sergeant during this investigation, and wondered fleetingly if he was a good guy or a bad guy. He shrugged, and guessed it didn’t matter either way, as long as he did the job at hand.

Murphy lit a cigarette, and the cop looked up to chide him about it. The cop decided it wasn’t that important and lit one himself. It was the early hours of the morning, and they both needed a short break. Murphy thought back to how he had met Laurence, and how he had won Laurence’s respect.

Murphy had been in some very dangerous situations in his work with various emergency services, but few had shook him up as much as having a 13 year old student put a knife to his throat. . . .

Murphy’s Law: Deadly Dreaming 04 Lesson One « Craig Hill



  1. Thanks again for reposting this 🙂

    • As always, I should thank you for the pleasure of reading these wonderful short stories. 🙂

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