Posted by: mulrickillion | March 22, 2012

Albert Einstein’s Collected Papers Get Published Online

Getty Images

Albert Einstein in Princeton, New Jersey in 1944. Getty Images.

By Karl Vick, Global Spin – Time Magazine, March 19, 2012 —

A few months ago Shimon Peres, the octogenarian president of Israel, had the possibly brilliant, possibly ridiculous idea of building a museum in the shape of Albert Einstein’s head. The walk-in cranium would stand on the campus of Hebrew University, the tertiary institution the famous genius helped to found, and to which he bequeathed his papers and belongings upon his death.

It’s unclear whether Peres‘ idea will go anywhere — the expressed enthusiasm of university officials might have been merely polite – but it’s now possible to root around inside Einstein’s noodle. His collected papers went online Monday, as the Jerusalem university digitizes the complete archive of the man Peres termed “the most famous Jew in history since Moses”. . . .

The private and the public come together, fittingly enough, on a post card.  On Sept. 27, 1919 the great man wrote his mother. “Great news,” he began, and passed along word that his General Theory of Relativity had been proved — by an English astronomer measuring deflection of starlight during a solar eclipse, demonstrating a bend in things.  “Maja writes me, to my dismay, that you’re not only in a lot of pain but that you have gloomy thoughts as well,” he goes on. “How much I would like to keep you company again so that you aren’t left to such nasty musing….” He has just replaced Isaac Newton in the pantheon, but writing to “Liebe Mutter!”  (Dear Mother!) half the note is commiseration. . . .

Albert Einstein’s Collected Papers Get Published Online | Global Spin |

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