Posted by: mulrickillion | March 13, 2012

Murphy’s Law: Deadly Dreaming 02 On The Inside

Post by Craig Hill, March 6, 2012 —

“Murphy remembers his time behind bars, and his forced return to The Service”

Murphy watched as the detective scanned the files on the computer. They both knew they had the evidence they needed to get the guy they were after; to cripple his operation permanently. The detective thought he could put the guy in jail. Murphy smiled a little at his naivety, knowing that would never happen.

He thought how different things were now, compared to a year ago. He supposed he was back to being the good guy again, as far as the powers that be were concerned. He had a moment of anger about that, but let it pass quickly. His mind wandered back a year, as the cop excitedly ran through the information Murphy had given him.

As he had been marched through the main gate into the jail, wrists bound with the latest style in stainless steel handcuffs, he had mused on how things had gone so wrong. He had known he was in a rut, living out the same old thing day after day. He knew there was more to life than just teaching computer. . . .

Murphy’s Law: Deadly Dreaming 02 On The Inside – Craig Hill


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