Posted by: mulrickillion | March 13, 2012

China hints at halt to renminbi rise

RenminbiBy Jamil Anderlini, March 12, 2012 —

Chinese central bank officials have suggested the renminbi is no longer significantly undervalued after six years of gradual appreciation, citing the country’s large trade deficit in February.

According to recently released government figures, last month China notched up its biggest monthly trade deficit since 1998, with imports outpacing exports by $31.5bn. “This trade deficit is a positive sign that the renminbi exchange rate is close to its equilibrium level,” Yi Gang, deputy central bank governor, said at the National People’s Congress, the annual session of China’s rubber-stamp parliament.

Zhou Xiaochuan, central bank governor, was more cautious on the sensitive issue of whether the renminbi is fairly valued. . . .

China hints at halt to renminbi rise – FT



  1. Not sure what I would do with my jar of 1/10th rmb bills.


  2. I think a bottle of bubbles, but if they are gonna peg the renminbi to the US dollar, then the little one is now entitled to 2 or 3 bottles of bubbles lol Talk later, and thank you for your comment. 🙂

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