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China: Challenging the 50 Cent Party

Posted by Oiwan Lam, Global Voices, March 4, 2011 —

The 50 Cent Party consists of Internet commentators hired either by the Chinese government or the Chinese Communist Party to shape online public opinion. Often, the 50 Cent Party labels critical opinion leaders as traitors of the country.

On February 26, 2012, Sina Weibo user Zhang Nong decided to openly challenge [zh] the 50 Cent Party with the following post and photo:


[Can we call this patriotic?] When society is flooded with corruption, you don’t criticize; when the rich and powerful are out of control, you don’t feel angry; you also make no comment on the burden of education; you don’t share our pain in the lack of health care; you don’t see the suffering of peasants; you don’t hear the sorrow of the unemployed; you place no blame on authoritarian rule… However, whenever I criticize all the above problems, you become agitated and call your friends to attack me. This is how you love your country, 50 Cent Gang?

The image on the right is a remix of the communist movement symbol, the hammer and sickle. Zhang turned the weapon for social revolution into the Arabic number “5″, representing the 50 Cent Party. The thread where this was published so far has been shared more than 1,800 times and attracted 560 comments.

The majority express support for Zhang, while some readers have typically tried to fight back:


黑桃老K2011:This flag can be used to cover the 50-Centers’ coffins after they die.

10小牛直面改革:就冲这句话 把张农粉了,我上微博,就没闹明白,为什么有那么多人不论是非的爱国。是自己国家的无论多么邪恶都是好,别人国家什么最好的自由民主都是假的。这样宣传有意义吗?

10小牛直面改革:I’ve become a fan of Zhang’s because of this post. I don’t understand why so many people support the country without distinguishing right from wrong: ‘No matter how evil my country is, it is good; no matter how free and democratic other country is, they are fake.’ Does such propaganda make any sense at all?


I我相信:The 50 Cent Party is the product of Chinese society. They are born because the rich and the powerful need them to justify crony capitalism and exploit ordinary people. In the past, I also cursed the 50-centers, but now I find such reaction too naive; they are just the by-product of the corrupted social system. We can’t blame them.


随心所意随心动:50 Cents’ slogan: Act according to the party’s instruction.

我爱-F1:良知不在我身上,誓与党国共存亡。 (3月1日 12:11)

我爱-F1:You won’t find conscience in me, it depends both on the survival and demise of the Party.


Soros1981:Some of them are 50-centers. However, a lot more are those born under the existing system. They don’t have any sense and have yet to be enlightened. History takes time to reveal itself. . . .

China: Challenging the 50 Cent Party · Global Voices


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