Posted by: mulrickillion | March 5, 2012

President Obama Turns a Corner on Iran

By Alan M. Dershowitz, Stonegate Institute, March 2, 2012 —

President Obama has turned an important corner in his efforts to persuade Iran not to try to develop nuclear weapons, and in his efforts to persuade Israel to allow his combination of punishing sanctions and tough talk to work. In his recent interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in Atlantic Magazine, President Obama sent a clear message to the Iranians that he is not bluffing, that he means it when he says that American policy is not to accept a nuclear Iran, and that no option, including a military one, is off the table if sanctions and threats appear not to be working.

I was not surprised by President Obama’s strong words, because he said similar things to me in private conversation. But now he has said them in public, and with words that are unequivocal and put his credibility, and the credibility of our country, on the line. (I will not repeat the President’s words here because they can be found in the Goldberg article.)

For those who have claimed that Obama is anti-Israel and/or weak on Iran, these forceful statements should make them reconsider. I, for one, am satisfied with the President’s words. Now I want to hear them repeated by Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, by Joint Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey and by others in the Obama Administration. For me the problem has never been President Obama. His voice has generally been strong and clear in support of Israel’s security and his determination to prevent Iran from securing nuclear weapons. . . .

President Obama Turns a Corner on Iran :: Stonegate Institute


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According to John Mearsheimer and Stephen Was, He should remind Mr. Netanyahu that the true danger to his nation lies in the refusal to allow a viable Palestinian state.

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  1. Thought provoking post. I need to start by saying that I am very uninformed on Iran’s nuclear program. But, I do have a few questions.

    -Has Iran signed anything or are they a part of any program that says they will not develop nuclear weapons?
    -Besides the obvious threat of Iran using nuclear weapons, if they can, what if anything is driving the Obama administration to escalate to the possible use of military action?

    Thanks for the posts, you always get me thinking.

  2. Well, I am also uninformed, so I make an effort to try to learn more about the problem with Iran. Right now, I think we mostly hear the news spins on the story and usually politics. For ex, if you have time, read the above link for “Why not a Middle East nuclear weapon free zone?” or

    I think you will be surprised about what you are not hearing in the news. Iran is wanting to create a nuclear free zone in Middle East, and they signed on to the Non-proliferation Treaty, but NOT Israel. And I am not anti-anyone, I would just like to see peace! Just food for thought 🙂
    talk later, thanks for dropping by…

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