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Murphy’s Law 04 Cop This

Posted by Craiig Hill, April 11, 2006 —


Murphy heard the man yelling at the woman, and saw her cowering from him. She covered her face with her hands, and crouched so her knees covered her stomach and lower body. The instincts of a woman used to being hit. Murphy’s instinct was to go to her assistance, but then he noticed the police officer and her partner at the scene.

He could see straight away that the policewoman had control of the situation. It was best to stay back; getting involved would inflame the situation. As he watched the policewoman in action, his mind went back to a woman he’d known in the same situation once.

Judy had moved in with Alex after his wife had left him. He was a successful businessman, and offered her all the luxuries she could want. It was fine at first, and she enjoyed the high life. Then she found the price expected.

At first, it was just mind games. Subtle statements to make her feel inferior. Then public ridicule. After months of this, she told him she didn’t like what he was saying and doing. He had smiled and agreed. He kissed her cheek and started to turn. He had then swung back with sudden fury and extended arm. . . .

Murphy’s Law 04 Cop This « Craig Hill


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