Posted by: mulrickillion | February 19, 2012

ANALYSIS: US China Energy Trade War?


By John Daly, Geopolitical Monitor, Feb 2, 2012 —, February 2, 2012

Washington loves free trade – if it produces a surplus for the U.S.

In an election year, with a modest economic recovery underway, American politicians are trumpeting their credentials in saving and creating jobs and protectionism sentiment against foreign products is rising.

And the number one target?


Hardly surprising, as during the period January-November China’s surplus balance of trade with the U.S. reached $272 billion, almost 8 percent higher than that registered during the corresponding period in the previous year, as U.S. consumers become more dependent on Chinese producers than ever before.

Without directly criticizing China, during his State of the Union address on 25 January President Barack Obama promised more jobs for the American public through initiatives.

So, where is the line in the sand over the ocean of red ink in trade with China to be drawn?

Apparently in the field of renewable energy.

Last November the U.S. Department of Commerce launched an "anti-dumping and anti-subsidy" investigation into China’s solar battery exports to the United States.
Now its
wind power’s turn.

What is surprising about the brewing dispute is the relatively minor amounts of money involved. The Department of Commerce announced that utility scale wind towers imported from China are targeted for investigation even though, according to U.S. Customs statistics, in 2010 China’s wind technology exports were worth a paltry $104 million.

According to the investigation schedule of the case, the Department of Commerce is expected to make preliminary decisions on subsidies and dumping on 23 March and 6 June, respectively.

The brewing dispute has certainly drawn the attention of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME). . . .

ANALYSIS: US China Energy Trade War? – Geopolitical Monitor


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