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Murphy’s Law 02 Play A Song For Me

Posted by Craig Hill, Feb 14, 2012 —


Murphy listened with interest to the school headmaster. The man told of his plans for introduction of inclusive education strategies into his school. Many considered Murphy something of an expert on the subject. Murphy didn’t like that label. He had been lucky enough to work with many so-called disadvantaged people. It was just that he could understand them. Understand their needs. That was all.

He had been to many such meetings. Some, he recognised as a grab for money. Others, he did not see the commitment to the marginalised. Often, the desire to appear to be doing something good was greater than the capability of doing it. Murphy thought this was true with most school managers, or administrators, or whatever they called themselves. Why couldn’t they just be satisfied with the title of headmaster?

Murphy thought back to a story he had heard many years ago. . . .

Murphy’s Law 02 Play A Song For Me « Craig Hill


  1. Thanks for reposting my story. It is actually, in part, a real story of a Teacher’s Aide I worked with at Woorabinda Aboriginal Community, in Central Queensland, Australia. She was indeed deaf, and learnt to play simple songs on the piano. An amazing woman, whose bravery could inspire all.

  2. No, thank you for posting these wonderful short stories, and I appreciate you indulging my re-posting of tidbits of them. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the other Murphy’s Law story too, because they are both inspirational stories about real life, and just simply a pleasure to read.

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