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The GOP’s Mr. Right

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Rick Santorum’s three favorite words (photo via

How do you beat the perfect Republican candidate? That is the question Mitt Romney must be asking himself right now, as he absorbs Rick Santorum’s Minnesota-Missouri-Colorado trifecta and blanches at the latest polls, which show Santorum leading the race at the national level. Newt Gingrich was easy to take down; with his history of shady ethics and $1.6 million from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Romney’s attack ads could have been written by a roomful of monkeys with typewriters. Santorum, however, is a harder nut to crack. To wit: The latest ad from Restore Our Future, the super PAC backing Romney, goes after the former Pennsylvania senator for being a “Washington insider” and a “big spender.” If earmarks and debt-ceiling hikes are the worst sins Restore Our Future’s opposition researchers can pin on Santorum, it’s going to be a long trudge to Super Tuesday. Even among pork-eschewing Tea Partiers, it’s hard to imagine an epithet like “Washington insider” will be the kiss of death. For one thing, Santorum was a senator. He worked in the capitol building. Which, needless to say, is located in Washington, D.C. These are not earth-shattering revelations, people.

The funny thing — and I use “funny” in the sense of “isn’t it hilarious how the world is going to hell in a handbasket? — is that, in a general election, the target on Santorum’s back would be a mile wide. This is a guy who seemingly equated gay relationships with “man-on-dog” sex. Who believes global warming is a conspiracy orchestrated by liberals to “make you feel guilty so you’ll give them power so they can lord it over you.” Who neglected to correct a woman at a campaign rally who told him President Obama was an “avowed Muslim” and ineligible to be president. Who tells supporters that the president’s “overt hostility to faith in America” will lead to a French Revolution scenario complete with “the guillotine.” Who wrote a book blaming “radical feminists” for looking down on stay-at-home mothers and pushing women into the workforce — then promptly threw his wife under the bus as the (uncredited) author of the offending passage.

In short, Santorum is an ignoramus wrapped in a hypocrite surrounded by a bigot. As someone representing the left wing of the Democratic party, I have to wonder,Who would vote for him? And that’s where things get a little — funny. The fact is, Santorum is everything that the GOP base wants. He is perfectly in sync with a party that has veered sharply to the right on equality, taxes, women’s rights, and foreign policy. In my eyes, he represents everything that is wrong with the conservative worldview; but to conservatives themselves, he represents everything that is right (no pun intended). If you believe that same-sex marriage is a threat to Western civilization, that welfare recipients are lazy moochers who sap resources from the rest of us, that a zygote is morally equivalent to a five-year-old child . . . then Santorum is your guy. Obviously I think these positions are ridiculous, but just as obviously, the people who hold them do not agree.

Attacking Rick Santorum should be easy, for all of the above reasons. But Romney can’t possibly use that line of attack, because no one voting in the Republican primaries sees these things as negatives. . . .

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