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Murphy’s Law 01 China Streets

Posted by Craig Hill, Feb 28, 2006 —


Murphy watched as the seller sold his papers on the street corner. Murphy knew the man was homeless, and admired the work he was doing. He was trying to help himself, and making money to live on. This allowed him to feed himself, and maybe buy things he needed. Murphy decided this was good, and smiled to himself. He reflected on his own times as “homeless” and how he had survived those times. In Australia, there were many places to go, it was just a matter of knowing where they were, and where to go to find them. But in other countries, it was different.

One time, he had been homeless in China. It had only been for six weeks, but it had been a hard run. He had refused to pay a thousand Yuan “fine” to a policeman in Guangzhou, and the policeman had simply taken his passport. The man had then told him his visa had expired, and the “fine” was now five thousand Yuan. He was also told that if he did not pay, he would go to gaol until his relatives back in Australia paid the money for him.

Murphy had somehow managed to get away from the police station, and had gone to the Australian consulate. They had simply told him he was on his own, and had to find the money, or go to gaol. It didn’t matter that the visa still had seven months of twelve months left on it. . . .

Murphy’s Law 01 China Streets « Craig Hill



  1. Thanks for sharing the first of my previously published stories on your site. These stories, from Big Issue magazine, are based on the lives of real people who overcame adversity. I hope your readers will be inspired by the accounts of others in their own daily lives.

  2. No, I should thank you, because I really enjoyed reading the article. Yes, it is one of your older articles, but it is a “good” older article, and that makes it timeless. Again, thank you.

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