Posted by: mulrickillion | February 7, 2012

China dominates arms sales to sub-Saharan Africa

Editor: Joshua Eisenman, China Reform Monitor, No. 946, Feb 7, 2012 —

January 15:

With a 25 percent market share, China is the leading supplier of weapons to sub-Saharan Africa according to a report by The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). By contrast, the U.S. share of the African arms market is three percent. The report describes Chinese military sales to Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. Kenya, for instance, used Chinese-made attack helicopters in Somalia, the Kenya-based EastAfrican reports. Luwero Industries in Uganda refurbishes Kalashnikov-type rifles that use Chinese bullets and uses Chinese inputs in its ammunition production. SIPRI cautioned against viewing China’s weapons deals as merely a part of Beijing’s effort to secure access to African resources. “China’s delivery of arms and military assistance to Tanzania, from which it imports few natural resources, shows that access to resources cannot be China’s only motive for supplying arms to Africa,” the report says.



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