Posted by: mulrickillion | February 5, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing

Posted by So Well Read, Feb 4, 2012 —

* or at least very little

All right, it’s not much ado about nothing, exactly, but two of last week’s news reports are certainly more heat than light. The Supreme Court’s January 2010 decision in Citizens United, which removed limits on corporate and union donations to political “super PACs,” set off two years of liberal wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Times has editorialized against super PACSs as “septic tanks into which wealthy individuals and corporations can drop unlimited amounts of money,” and the Atlantic hyperventilates about “the darkest day in the history of American Super PACs” (as opposed to German super PACs?). Yes, the First Amendment is one of those pesky loopholes in the Constitution; perhaps it’s best just to disregard it when it doesn’t concern freedom of the press. . . .

Much Ado About Nothing* « . . . So Well Read. . .


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