Posted by: mulrickillion | January 6, 2012

Republican Attacks Have Racist Undertones

By Andrew Rosenthal, Jan 3, 2011 — DES MOINES — Talking about race in American politics is uncomfortable and awkward. But it has to be said: There has been a racist undertone to many of the Republican attacks leveled against President Obama for the last three years, and in this dawning presidential campaign. . . .

Republican Attacks Have Racist Undertones –



  1. “Undertones” is an understatement. Gingrich recent said something to the effect that, “African Americans need to learn to love a paycheck rather than food stamps.” That blatant display of racism didn’t get any attention from the media.

    To paraphrase Letterman, “When did the republican party, the party of Lincoln, become the party of the unbalanced?!!!”

  2. I find all of this a bit disconcerting, especially in the midst of so much suffering in the United States, because, right now, there are real people that need real answers; such as how to restore a strong economy. Otherwise, thank you for your comment and interesting insight. Also, after thinking about this incident, I also wrote a short note about some of my thoughts on this issue, which you can read at:
    Or alternatively,

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