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Lessons from Economics Nobel Laureate Peter Diamond on the Global Financial Crises


Posted by Reyhan | December 6, 2011 —

This is a more condensed version of the piece I wrote a few days ago on the fascinating lecture I attended with Peter Diamond, the 2010 Economics Nobel Laureate at CUHK on Monday December 5th, 2011.  In this article, I will talk more specifically Mr. Diamond’s thoughts on the recent Global Financial Crisis, as well as share some of my own opinions, drawing on the work of other economists. The lecture was part of their Nobel Laureates Distinguished Lectures series sponsored by the Sun Kai Properties, and Peter Diamond was the twenty-third Nobel Laureate to speak under this program. MIT Professor Emeritus, Peter Diamond, discussed the process and importance of continuing to learn from past economic crises, paying specific attention to the current global economic crises, but also mentioning the stagflation of the 1970’s and the collapse of communism. He reviewed the influences of the current crisis, as well as how these issues should be addressed through further economic research and practical economic policy to prevent further economic disasters.

Where Economic Policy Makers Go Wrong

Diamond began discussing how economic crises determine the way future policy makers respond to economic shocks and other situations which may be perceived as potential crises. . . .

Lessons from Economics Nobel Laureate Peter Diamond on the Global Financial Crises « hongkongandbeyond


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