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News & Broadcast – World Bank Launches New iPad App for World Development Report 2012

World Bank,  Press Release No:2012/208/DEC

>>Available in: Français, العربية, 中文

New, free mobile application makes World Bank flagship on gender equality and development more accessible and mobile

Washington, December 15 2011 – The World Bank launched today a new mobile application (app) for the institution’s flagship publication, World Development Report (WDR), making the report more accessible and mobile. The free app, World Development Report 2012 App for iPad, lets users easily locate the analysis, data, and policy recommendations of most interest throughout the report in new and multiple ways.

“This handy new tool makes the WDR’s major findings and recommendations more accessible”, said WDR 2012 co-Director Ana Revenga. “It will be of great interest to development policymakers and professionals, academics, students, civil society organizations, journalists, and others interested in the state of gender equality around the world and its links to development”, added Sudhir Shetty, WDR 2012 co-Director.

The World Development Report, published annually since 1979, provides in-depth analysis and policy recommendations on a specific and important aspect of international development. This year’s report is the first to look at the relationship between gender equality and development. It argues that gender equality matters in itself because it is a core development objective. The report also shows that it is smart economics. Greater gender equality can enhance productivity, improve development outcomes for the next generation, and make institutions and policies more representative.

The new WDR app allows users to browse the entire report, broken into dozens of major discussions, by key message, region, topic, or key words color-coded for country, concept, and chapter. A user interested in “maternal mortality,” for example, would find five discussions, three tables, and one map from within multiple chapters, each about that issue. (The app also contains a full PDF of the report.) A rich set of data in tabular and graphical formats is also available. Users can bookmark this content for later viewing and share it by emailing and posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

In addition to the full report in English, the app includes a wealth of supplementary material that help users understand the report and gender issues better such as the Overview and Main Messages of the report in Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian, as well as English. Videos in the multimedia pane offer interviews with women from around the world about gender issues, with the WDR authors, and with World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick via the World Bank’s YouTube channel.

Shana Wagger, Manager of Online Product Development noted, “We look to strike a balance of unique value and familiarity with our mobile applications. This WDR 2012 app is the prototype for a ‘flagship’ mobile application, through which we hope to make a variety of important World Bank reports uniquely useful but with a familiar interface.”

The WDR 2012 iPad App is just the latest in a suite of mobile applications we have created over the past year to give users access to World Bank content where and how they want it”, said Carlos Rossel, World Bank Publisher.

The WDR 2012 iPad app was produced in collaboration with Amphetamobile. It is available at:

A video tutorial of the app can be found at:

To access the full online collection of all World Development Reports published since 1978, visit The Complete World Development Report Online at

News & Broadcast – World Bank Launches New iPad App for World Development Report 2012


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