Posted by: mulrickillion | December 20, 2011

HTC calls ITC ruling a ‘victory’ over Apple


By Robin Kwong, Dec 20, 2011 — HTC has claimed victory over Apple in a closely watched intellectual property case for the smartphone industry, despite a US court ruling that imposes a ban on the import of some of HTC’s handsets into the US.

The Taiwanese company said the final ruling by the US International Trade Commission “declared an actual victory for HTC” because it found that HTC had only infringed on one patent out of 10 complaints made by Apple, and rejected two of the four claims on the patent that had been upheld in an earlier decision. The court also gave HTC until April 19 next year to comply with the ruling. . . .

Monday’s decision has been seen as a key test in the patent wars that have embroiled much of the smartphone industry. Analysts and legal experts say the limited ruling showed Apple achieving only minor success in slowing the advance of Google Android phonemakers like HTC and Samsung via legal measures.

The Google software is included in more than half of the smartphones sold in the US, with HTC accounting for around 10 per cent of total sales, according to market estimates. . . .

HTC calls ITC ruling a ‘victory’ over Apple –


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