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Letters from Hong Kong

Posted by Suzanne in Letters from Hong Kong, Dec 5, 2011 —

Of all the post-mortems conducted after the November 6th District Councils election, none have been more painful to watch than those done on the Civic Party.  Painful not because party members fared so badly because they really didn’t, except in contrast to expectations that they naturally did nothing to discourage among candidates and supporters beforehand.  But those expectations were not the only reason for the barrage of criticism and mockery leveled at the party afterward by friend, foe, and fellow party members alike.  It makes for a cautionary tale that says more about the pressures re-molding Hong Kong’s democracy movement than about the Civic Party’s failings. . . .


The origin of the pro-Beijing press campaign extends back several years and it was only an unlucky coincidence of timing, aided by the plodding pace of the judicial calendar, which brought two high-profile court cases into public view just ahead of the election.  The two cases were judicial reviews that concerned environmental standards and the right of foreign domestic helpers to apply for permanent residence.  The Civic Party did not directly sponsor either review but was supportive and party member lawyers represented plaintiffs in both cases. . . .

Letters from Hong Kong « Suzanne Pepper


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