Posted by: mulrickillion | December 18, 2011

China Revokes Probation of Missing Human Rights Lawyer


The whereabouts of the lawyer Gao Zhisheng became a mystery soon after this photo was taken in April 2010. Gemunu Amarasinghe/AP.

By Sharon LaFraniere, Dec 16, 2011 –BEIJING — China’s official news agency reported on Friday that Gao Zhisheng, a prominent human rights lawyer who has been missing for more than 20 months, will serve the next three years in prison because he repeatedly violated his probation.

The brief statement from a Beijing court provoked fresh outrage among human rights advocates who characterize Mr. Gao’s case as a leading example of abuse of dissidents in China. Although said to be free on probation for the past five years, Mr. Gao has been missing for much of the time since he was sentenced in 2006 for inciting subversion of state power. . . .

Gao Zhisheng, Missing Chinese Lawyer, Gets New Prison Term –


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