Posted by: mulrickillion | December 15, 2011

Analysis: The Future of US Drones

SASFOR – Drone’s and Moan’s, Dec 15, 2011 —


A Predator drone prepares to take to the skies.

No US drones to fly over Iraq from year’s end.

‘Every one of our brigades has its own drone.”

Last month, the Bureau spoke to Major General Jeffrey Buchanan, chief spokesman for the United States Forces in Iraq, about how drones have changed the way the US fights its wars.

Speaking from Baghdad, General Buchanan explained: ‘Technology has evolved over time. What started out as a system that was only available in few numbers and controlled at the highest levels has now made it down. Every one of our brigades has its own RPA [remotely piloted aircraft].’

He denied that ‘lethal fires’ – assassination missions – had defined the US’ use of drones in Iraq, focusing instead on how they had changed reconnaissance.

‘The dominant use in Iraq has not been for providing ground attack or things like that,’ he said. ‘It’s really all been about ISR [intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance].

We’ve used RPAs in combination with piloted aircraft, working directly for ground commanders, providing extended surveillance on key communication routes or oil pipelines or borders. . . .


Analysis: The Future of US Drones | Drone’s and Moan’s |


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