Posted by: mulrickillion | November 22, 2011

Pakistan Beats Kyrgyzstan to Gain UN Security Council Seat


Voting at the UN General Assembly (Source: The Global Herald).

By Roman Muzalevsky, Eurasia Daily Monitor, Vol. 8, Iss.. 201, Nov 9, 2011 — On October 18, Hina Rabanni Khar, Pakistan’s first female foreign minister, met with Roza Otunbayeva, Kyrgyzstan’s first female president, in Bishkek to persuade Kyrgyzstan – its competitor for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council – to drop out of the race. Kyrgyzstan declined, but Pakistan emerged victorious nonetheless, having secured the seat on the Asia bloc for the seventh time in its sixty four-year history of independence.

For many, the view of Munir Akram, Pakistan’s former representative to the UN, explains Islamabad’s success. “Pakistan is a very large country [and] it has vital national interest in the issues on the agenda of the Security Council,” he said before the Assembly vote that took place on October 21. “Kyrgyzstan, I think, has never as such made vital contributions to international peace and security. Pakistan is the largest troop contributor to [UN] peacekeeping operations. I think the comparisons in the contribution that are made and can be made by the two countries are very stark and very clear,” Akram argued (, October 19). Pakistan, the world’s sixth most populous country with the world’s sixth largest nuclear arsenal, has over 9,000 troops in eight UN Peacekeeping Missions worldwide (, October 21). . . .

The Jamestown Foundation: Pakistan Beats Kyrgyzstan to Gain UN Security Council Seat


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