Posted by: mulrickillion | November 17, 2011

Judge Temporarily Bars Eviction of Boston Protesters


Thousands of people gathered Tuesday at Sproul Plaza on the campus of the University of California at Berkley to hear a speech by Robert Reich, a public policy professor at the school who was secretary of labor in the Clinton administration. Stephen Lam/Reuters.

By Jess Bidgood, Nov 17, 2011 — BOSTON — A judge granted a temporary order on Wednesday requiring the city to refrain from any police action to evict the Occupy Boston demonstrators from Dewey Square, where a small city of about 150 tents has functioned for a month and a half.

Judge Frances A. McIntyre, citing the protesters’ right to free speech in her decision, said the city would need a court order in order to evict protesters, unless there are emergent circumstances like a fire, medical emergency or outbreak of violence.

“What the plaintiffs can point to is that abridgment of First Amendment rights is irreparable harm,” Judge McIntyre said.

While police officers have raided protest sites in cities like New York, Oakland, Calif., and Portland, Ore., law enforcement in Boston has been relatively tolerant of the original encampment, although an attempt last month to expand the camp there was met with more than 140 arrests. City officials say that, although they are monitoring the demonstration daily, they have no plans to move in on the camp in Dewey Square, which is a public park. . . .

Judge Temporarily Bars Eviction of Boston Protesters –


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