Posted by: mulrickillion | November 16, 2011

Jolted, Wall St. Protesters Face Challenge for Future


Workers power-washed Zuccotti Park on Tuesday, hours after protesters were evicted and hours before they were allowed back in. Robert Stolarik for The New York Times.

By David M. Halbfinger and Michael Barbaro, Nov 15, 2011 — Emergency-service trucks rumbled up Broadway to positions on two sides of Zuccotti Park. Powerful klieg lights blinked on, illuminating about 220 protesters in tents and sleeping bags. The one-square-block plaza was as bright as day. But it was only 1 a.m. . . .

But the message was clear: Occupy Wall Street’s two-month encampment was coming to a sudden end.

The eviction early Tuesday morning, which ended with the arrests of 140 bleary-eyed protesters who had not heeded the orders to clear out, capped two intense weeks in which Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and his aides tried but failed to negotiate with members of Occupy Wall Street. They concluded that the protesters were unwilling to negotiate and unable to address their encampment’s growing problems on their own.

On Tuesday evening, after a judge agreed that officials could ban tents and tarps, several hundred protesters without sleeping gear returned to the park in Lower Manhattan, began to meet and prepared for an uncertain future. . . .

 Jolted, Wall Street Protesters Face an Uncertain Future –


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