Posted by: mulrickillion | November 5, 2011

Long road back for Strauss-Kahn

By Hugh Carnegy, Nov 1, 2011 — If Dominique Strauss-Kahn had hoped that a summer of scandal would be followed by a winter of rehabilitation, it seems he is set to be disappointed.

He returned home to France in August in a blaze of media attention after New York prosecutors dropped a case against him of alleged attempted rape of a hotel chamber maid that led to his temporary imprisonment and his resignation as head of the International Monetary Fund.

Last month, Paris prosecutors also decided not to pursue a case against Mr Strauss-Kahn brought by a French writer a few weeks after the eruption in May of the New York allegations. Tristane Banon, the writer, subsequently said she would not pursue a civil case against him. A civil case launched by Nafissatou Diallo, the New York chamber maid, is still outstanding, but DSK could have felt that the tide of accusations against him was receding.

In a television interview in September he confessed to “moral failing” over his encounter with Ms Diallo, but adamantly denied any violence or coercion against his accusers and left the door open to an eventual return to public life.

That now seems a more distant hope after his name cropped up in a spate of media reports about an alleged prostitution ring in Lille. No official action has been taken nor has any accusation of involvement or illegality been laid against Mr Strauss-Kahn. . . .

Long road back for Strauss-Kahn –


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