Posted by: mulrickillion | November 4, 2011

BRICS to play summit role


Leaders of the five major developing countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, meet ahead of the G20 summit in Cannes, Nov 3, 2011. [Photo/Xinhua].

International community should provide eurozone support, Hu says

China Daily (Nov 4, 2011) — Cannes, France – Leaders of the major developing countries met in Cannes on Thursday to forge a united front ahead of the G20 summit.

Addressing a meeting of leaders from the BRICS, that also groups Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, President Hu Jintao said that as the EU is the largest economy in the world, global recovery is dependent on a European recovery.

Stressing China’s confidence in the EU’s ability to solve the debt problem, Hu said that the "international community should provide support and help" to the debt-ridden eurozone, urging all countries to unify their approach. . . . No details of the meeting, or any possible measures to be taken on the EU debt crisis, have been revealed. . . .

BRICS to play summit role|Europe|


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