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WTO | 2011 News items – Chair reports on preparations for December Ministerial



> Chairman’s Remarks


Delegations expressed support for the Chair’s consultations process, and agreed on the need for rapid progress in the preparations for the Conference, which will be held on 15-17 December 2011 in Geneva.

The European Union, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Thailand, Kenya on behalf of the African Group, Mauritius on behalf of the ACP Group, and Bangladesh on behalf of the LDC Group called for Ministerial action on trade and development issues, especially those that would benefit the least developed countries (LDCs).

Many delegations urged the Conference to send out a strong signal against protectionism, and to strengthen the WTO’s monitoring mechanism on trade measures.

Several delegations expressed support for various proposals being readied for the Conference, including on a work programme for regional trade agreements, and on improving guidelines for WTO observership of intergovernmental organizations.

On another matter, the Chair noted a consensus among members regarding the following new chairs of Doha Round bodies: Special Session of the Committee on Agriculture: Amb. John Adank (New Zealand); Special Session of the Committee on Trade and Environment: Amb. Hiswani Harun (Malaysia); and Negotiating Group on Rules: Amb. Wayne McCook (Jamaica).

Chairman’s Remarks
Informal meeting at the level of head of delegation

Thank you all for coming to this informal meeting.  The purpose of today’s meeting is transparency, in line with the FIT principle, which we agreed in February.  I attach the utmost importance to this principle, which is why I thought it necessary to inform you, the full membership, on the progress in my consultations concerning the Eighth Ministerial Conference (MC8).  Given the very limited time available to us before MC8, there is a clear need to advance rapidly in our preparations.  This is a shared responsibility of us all.  I would also like to inform you this morning of a number of other items related to next week’s General Council meeting, including organizational matters related to MC8 and the state of play in my consultations on the appointment of negotiating group Chairs.

Report on consultations on MC8

Let us now turn to my report on MC8.  With less than eight weeks remaining before the start of MC8, I would like to recall the overall objective for the Conference.  This remains as we defined it at the outset – to produce a successful Ministerial Conference.  Of course, definitions of what this would mean in practice might differ.  However we all want a Conference which, despite the current problems in the Round, will help to reinforce the value of the WTO system for all its Members. . . .

WTO | 2011 News items – Chair reports on preparations for December Ministerial

>> Chairman’s Remarks:


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