Posted by: mulrickillion | October 21, 2011

Towards a new order in the Arab world


By Roula Khalaf, Oct 20, 2011 —

An email from a Tunisian organisation I’ve never heard of landed in my inbox this week, with a warning about the disastrous consequences of an Islamist success in Sunday’s election in the country which launched the Arab spring and is holding its first democratic poll. A victory for Nahda, the Islamist party, would frighten investors, discourage tourism and throw thousands of Tunisians out of work, warned the “Citizens for a free world,” who signed the document. To illustrate the doomed Nahda-led future, they included a video clip. With a heart-rending melody playing, an elderly Tunisian mourns his life in “frustration and misery” and “the loss of 400 years of civilisation”.

Similar scare tactics are likely in Egypt next month, as the country nears its own post-revolution election on November 28. Liberal parties, old and new, are already telling anyone willing to listen of the catastrophic implications of a strong performance by the Muslim Brotherhood. . . .

Towards a new order in the Arab world –


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