Posted by: mulrickillion | October 14, 2011

Russia deploy missiles to Far East to "counter" China

Editor: Joshua Eisenmen, China Reform Monitor, No. 924, Oct 13, 2011 —

September 25:

Russia’s latest tactical missile, the Iskander-M, has successfully been tested at Kapustin Yar rocket development range in Astrakhan Oblast. “China possesses a vast quantity of tactical missiles and we simply have nothing to counter it with today. Missiles capable of delivering a lethal load over a distance of 500 km will be a serious deterrent. In the Far East we need to arm at least five or six brigades with Iskanders,” said Aleksandr Khramchikhin, deputy head of Russia’s Institute of Political and Military Analysis. Iskanders capable of firing 500-600 km will also be able to reach American missile defense complexes in Poland and Romania. During the test a “combined-arms engagement” two Iskander-M missiles, Tochka-U tactical missiles and Smerch multiple rockets scored a “precision hit” on an “enemy bunker” reducing it to “craters and liquefied earth” according to eyewitness accounts in the Russian newspaper Izvestiya.

[Editor’s Note: It is rare for Russian officials or military experts to publicly acknowledge that they are monitoring and responding China’s military buildup. However, a recent report by the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College concluded that Russia’s expansion of its military activities in the Far East is aimed at China. Russia is also planning a major upgrading of cruisers that will be equipped with ship-to-ship missiles and deployed with the Pacific Fleet.]


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