Posted by: mulrickillion | October 11, 2011

Why is Egypt’s Military Shooting at Christians on Cairo’s Streets?


A Christians protester is injured during a clash with riot policemen in Cairo October 9, 2011. (Photo: Mohamed Abd El-Ghany / Reuters).

By Tony Karon, Global Spin – Time, Oct 9, 2011 — The clashes that killed at least 24 Egyptians and wounded scores more on Sunday will have deepened suspicions over the intentions of the country’s military junta, which took power from President Hosni Mubarak last February and promised a transition to democracy. The violence came as a predominantly Christian crowd protesting against the military rulers’ handling of violent attacks on Coptic Churches by sectarian Salafist Muslims, found itself under attack from thugs in civilian clothing, and then clashed with soldiers. Government spokesmen claimed there had been fatalities on both sides, and the military-appointed interim Prime Minister Essam Sharif warned that the country was lurching back into the type of instability it had seen at the height of the Tahrir Square clashes in February. . . .

Why is Egypt’s Military Shooting at Christians on Cairo’s Streets? – Global Spin –


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