Posted by: mulrickillion | August 17, 2011

Libya’s Rebels Tighten the Noose Around Gaddafi’s Capital


Rebel soldiers are seen at the entrance of the town of Brega, Libya, August 15, 2011. Alexandre Meneghini / AP.

By Steven Sotloff, Aug 16, 2011 — Despite the divisions within their ranks and the distractions of the holy month of Ramadan, which typically sees a lull in fighting in Muslim countries, the past week has seen Libyan rebels inch closer to toppling Muammar Gaddafi. Their advance into the cities of Brega and Zawiya has ratcheted up pressure on the regime by placing rebel forces at the eastern and western gateways to the capital, Tripoli.

On Thursday, rebel military units entered the oil town of Brega for the first time since March, when a loyalist offensive had pushed them back towards their stronghold of Benghazi. Rebel officials escorted a group of journalists to the deserted city on Monday. Rocket casings covered with desiccated palm leaves lay within view of monolithic housing complexes, peppered with shrapnel.

Gaddafi’s forces appear to have pillaged the homes before they left. Bedrooms were ransacked, with drawers emptied onto mattresses. In one house, pictures of the WWE wrestler Batista adorned the door and walls of a room filled with children’s coloring books scattered among piles of wrinkled clothes. . . .

Libya’s Rebels Tighten the Noose Around Gaddafi’s Capital – TIME


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