Posted by: mulrickillion | January 23, 2010

Sinopec: our gas (LPG) in Hong Kong is fine

China Energy Intelligence and Communication (ECF), Jan. 7, 2010 —

China Petrochemical (Hong Kong) Gas Station Co. Ltd received reports from their gas stations in Tai Po, Ma On Shan and Yuen Long on January 1 saying that quite a few taxis could not start or flamed out at a low speed after gassing LPG produced by Sinopec. Roughly 200 mini buses had similar problems. The company activated emergency response system immediately. They reported to Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and finished the checking of their gas operation process.

In a statement released by Sinopec on January 4, the company explained that they had checked the quality report offered by independent inspection organization SGS and found that LPG transported to Tsing Yi gas reservoir since December 1 measured up to Hong Kong standards. The reservoir drained off water according to standard, too. The filter screens of gas road tankers and discharge outlets had been properly cleaned. The LPG dispensers were running smoothly.

On January 2, Sinopec entrusted SGS to sample LGP from Tsing Yi, Tai Po, Ma On Shan and Yuen Long. The result showed LGP had no quality problems. The company expressed their willingness to cooperate with Hong Kong government’s investigation group in a recent statement. EMSD have begun inspections and the report is due to be published in two or three months. A spokesperson for the company said that LPG could be affected by various factors. They would work with the government to find out whether the accidents were caused by the weather or the vehicles themselves. Hong Kong automobile industry had protested and had a meeting with EMSD and Sinopec on January 4 to discuss the issue, as reported by Hong Kong media.

According to To Sun-tong, director of the taxi branch of Motor Transport Workers General Union, Sinopec’s gas had been tested by the union. Taxis gassed up at other gas stations didn’t flame out. They suspected that the quality of Sinopec’s gas had worsened. It is reported the petroleum gas of the company comes from the mainland, Taiwan, Middle East, Korea, supplied by British Petroleum. In response to online doubts about the quality of gas in mainland, a relevant spokesperson from Sinopec said: "The quality is fine. No mainland drivers have ever reported such accidents." There are about 18,000 taxis in Hong Kong. To Sun-tong said that about 70 percent of them (about 12,000 taxis) gassed at Sinopec stations for its low price. And 60 percent (about 6,000) of them had flamed out. Sinopec has 45 oil and gas stations in Hong Kong. Among them are 22 oil station, 16 oil and gas stations and 7 gas stations.’

Source: Sinopec: our gas (LPG) in Hong Kong is fine – ECF Your Window On China Energy Market.


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